Changelog Changelog

New features, ideas, and previews

🛠 We've added subdomains!

If for one reason or another you can't use a custom domain for your changelog (e.g. you can now use a subdomain instead. For example:

Shout out to Alexis for implementing this functionality 🙌

Pretty nifty! More new features coming up shortly.

📅 It's a date!

It's now possible to set a publication date for your post other than the actual posting day. So whether you want to add backlog posts to your changelog or you want to use the actual release date that new product feature was added, now you can set the date when publishing a new post.

Only dates in the present and past can be used. If you have a use case where you'd like to use a date in the future please let us know and we'll consider adding it.

Custom styling

We've added basic, custom styling for changelogs. If you'd like to use a different accent color then red reach out to us and we'll change it for you. We'll make this color configurable from the Settings page later.


Introducing the Smart Widget

Keeping a changelog is great to keep your customers informed on what's happening, but how do you get customers to visit your changelog? You don't want to bug them with an email every time there's something new, right?


Well, we have the solution! Yay. Today we're introducing the Smart Widget. This little piece of Javascript notifies your customers of new updates in a very subtle way. Whenever there's a new entry on your Changelog it will show a red badge. A clear indication there's something new and a constant reminder your product is actively developed, while at the same not being in-your-face annoying.

Read our instructions on how to add the widget to your site or contact us and we'll help you set it up.

New logo, new domain, and SSL support

We've got quite a few updates today! First of, we have a new logo that resembles our widget used on our customers' websites:


We also switched away from to for our domain. It makes a bit more sense when we add support for, plus .co is a more common extension then .at and therefore hopefully easier to remember.

Finally, we added support for SSL. What this means is that your changelog will be served to your customers over a secure connection. It also fixes some technical issues with our embeddable widget which we'll share more about soon.

✅ Uploading bugfix: We fixed a bug where uploading images with special characters in their file names failed to upload correctly. All fixed now! Thanks Ben H. for reporting this bug. 👍

Well hello there, image uploads!

Yes, we've added native image uploads. No more uploading your image to your own server. You can now easily add images to your posts.


Improvement: You can now upload the logo for your changelog yourself. No need to bother Marc anymore!

Feature: You can update your changelog name, domain and logo using the new Settings page

You can now paste images into a post

Want to quickly share a design you've been working on? Take a quick screenshot to your clipboard (cmd+shift+4 on Mac) and paste it into the textarea when writing a post like this:

Pasting images

Right now it simply pastes the full base64-encoded contents of the file into the post. We'll change this to a true file upload shortly. Unfortunately this functionality is not available in Safari and Opera.

These are the original designs

I've been toying with the idea for changelogs-as-a-service for months now, but watching a recent episode of Work In Progress with Jason Fried and Nate Kontny propelled me to just go for it. Hence using Basecamp in my sketches. (No affiliation.)



We're now live at 🎉

Well, officially we're not live yet, but we've got a working prototype and a decent domain name. Created from scratch last Sunday.

Initial feature set:

  • Create a public changelog for your company/product
  • Custom domains (e.g.
  • Responsive design
  • Markdown posts

Next up:

  • Start dogfooding this thing
  • Improve design for posting updates
  • Make highlight-color customisable per changelog